The sad story of Bonnie and Clyde.

This elderly pair were found wandering around the streets together, both with shockingly matted fur and ear infections.

Bonnie is a Cocker Spaniel at approximately 9 years old. She is a very sweet natured girl who loves nothing more than a bit of attention and especially to snuggle up with Clyde in their warm bed. When she was picked up by the dog warden it was obvious she had been neglected as she was found with a bad ear infection which will soon clear up after she has finished the course of antibiotics. Poor Bonnie is also on treatment for “dry eye” (expense for this pre existing condition will be covered by the rescue) and is also going blind. As she is losing her eye sight she can be nervous around new surroundings but as along as her best friend Clyde is with her she feels much more at ease.

Clyde is a King Charles Spaniel at approximately 6 years old. He was also found wandering the streets with an ear infection which he is currently undergoing treatment for. This chunky lad has such a character – he will often roll over onto his back for everyone to tickle his belly.

Bonnie and Clyde love each other so much it would be heartbreaking for us all to separate them. They would feel much more confident with having each other around.