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Meisha’s Story

By March 19, 2021News

Meisha’s Story

Meisha’s a stunning girl at the great age of 11years old. Despite her age she has plenty of energy and enjoys her walks but most of all she is such a sweet lovable girl who just wants to be with you and get plenty of fuss and of course a few treats.

Unfortunately Meisha needed vet treatment as she had a lump on her rear leg and a mammary tumour that needed to be removed. Although it was a huge operation for her, the tumours were successfully removed.

She was on antibiotics and painkillers for a few weeks to keep her comfortable and she spent plenty of time with us on her own bed in the office and she especially enjoyed a biscuit whilst we had a cup of tea.

We are so happy to let you know that Meisha is now settled in her forever home getting all the love and attention she so rightly deserves.