Adopted Dogs

Here are the success stories.

We are very proud of our ability to find owners for our dogs, we have a No Kill Policy at Sheffield Dog Rescue, unlike many similar organisations so our job can be difficult at times, but we always get there in the end.

After the home check is carried out the process of getting out dogs into their new lives is as fast as possible. We keep in touch with our new owners just to see and enjoy the progress the dogs are making.

Unfortunately, some of the dog brought to us are not suitable for adoption. These dogs, for whatever reason, Illness, temperament or nature sometimes because of how they have been treated simply can’t be rehomed and it would be irresponsible of us to do so.

This is where we most need your help. Our dogs that can’t be rehomed stay with us, they still need love, warmth, feeding and care. We support all these dogs using the donations and sponsorship kindly given by donations. If you could help sponsor a dog or make a donation we would be very grateful.

Name : Mia | Age: 7 years


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