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Sponsor a Dog

As a responsible animal charity, we take time to ensure that all the dogs we take into our care are suitable to be rehomed. During this time, we carry out assessments using dog specialists and veterinary advice to fully establish a dog’s suitability.

This section of our website contains all the dogs that are under assessment or indeed for whatever reason, dogs that cannot be rehomed. Some dogs have seen such poor treatment that they just do not respond very well to human contact just yet. In some cases, dogs arrive here malnourished or may have an underlying illness that we cannot possible put the dog out for rehome until they are in better condition.

Our sponsor dogs rely heavily on donations from the public to help us do an excellent job with them, do you think you could help?

You can donate to us by visiting our donations page or by filling out the donation forms on any of the dog’s pages – thank you, every pound counts.

Would you like to make a donation or help Sponsor a dog?